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We are changing our hours daily. We are offering telehealth services to maintain social distancing and to follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19. For everyone's convenience the emergency phone is provided on our voicemail in order to provide clients the ability to contact us as before. We are still accepting new clients. Stay safe and well!

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Healthy lifestyle services located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Our Mission

We provide programs for those struggling with addictions, mental health issues and any other challenges in their lives. Our primary goal is to encourage all individuals to renew themselves to an optimal healthy lifestyle.

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mental health services Elkins Park PA

mental health services Elkins Park PA

Renew Family Services, LLC goes to great lengths to resolve the root cause of addiction in individuals battling substance abuse. Named the top rehab facility for mental health services in Elkins Park, PA, we use an integrated treatment approach to help clients battling dual diagnoses achieve holistic recovery from their behavioral and mental disorders.

About Us

We are a top-rated outpatient mental health treatment facility with innovative therapies, experienced therapists, and hundreds of positive reviews. Our treatment programs encompass psychotherapies and nature-immersive treatments to help our clients garner the best outcome in recovery. We are one of the renowned outpatient mental health facilities for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Our clinicians work around our clients' busy schedules and offer flexible therapy sessions to make their lives easier during recovery. We also make it a point to help our clients attain sobriety by identifying and addressing the root cause of addiction. Our clients are at a lesser risk of relapse as they no longer suffer from dormant underlying mental health problems.

Dangers Of Self-Medicating For Mental Health Problems

One of the most common issues surrounding mental disorders is self-medication. Individuals diagnosed with a mental disorder often self-medicate via drugs or alcohol to mask the symptoms of their psychiatric illness. However, turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism can induce addiction and worsen the underlying mental health condition.

Our mental health experts meet several people who drink alcohol to feel less anxious in social situations and take excessive amounts of Benzos to avoid a panic attack or Marijuana to numb the emotional pain, trauma, or grief. Relying on drugs as an escape mechanism can significantly lead to lethal health consequences and affect your quality of life. Sign up for mental health services at a leading rehab near you at the earliest for a speedy and safe recovery.

What Makes Us The Best Rehab For Mental Health Treatment?

Ranked as the #1 mental health treatment center, we have the best therapists to address and treat clients battling dual diagnosis disorders. Hope Stein is a leading interventionist, psychotherapist, and consultant with several years of experience in treating individuals with dual diagnosis. Hope is a top-rated mental health professional in Pennsylvania with the highest level of training and education. You need us for mental health treatment in PA thanks to our:

Call us at 267-626-2018 to sign up for our mental health services in Elkins Park, PA. Renew Family Services, LLC is a renowned rehab facility with several positive reviews and a 5-star rating on Google. It only takes a phone call to break free from your old destructive behavioral patterns and start a new life. Get in touch with us today.

mental health services Elkins Park PA

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