This place is an amazing Treatment Center. They provide a bunch of different groups to choose from. They provide realistic nighttime hours for the working individual and parent and day and night options to make fit your schedule. psychiatrist and a medically assisted treatment doctor. I've been going for about 6 months. I've gone to other treatment centers Aldie, Pyramid, and Soar and this has by far surpassed all expectations. I've also gone to individual Suboxone doctors. This place is clean nicely decorated, the bathroom is clean. The groups are small and personal.

My individual counselor just happens to be the owner and I got lucky. Hope is amazing her and her place have saved my life. I was a repeat chronic relapser with pretty much every life issue in the book. They are very careful about their medication, and don't just put everyone or anyone on extremely high doses of everything to keep you coming back. I've had this issue with other Suboxone doctors where they just put me on this crazy amount and I felt like I could never get clean. Their main focus is to help and I've never seen another place to go to bat harder for someone that's actually trying to change their life. Another thing that they have that's amazing is transportation if you really need it (No longer a service we provide). I suffer not being able to get treatment before because I didn't drive which a lot of people have this problem and they go above and beyond. Everyone on the staff is so nice, helpful, and knowledgeable.

They offer help for all kinds of problems besides my addiction they're getting to the underlying causes my trauma, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. This place is really one of a kind and very flexible. Before I started here my life was in shambles and I didn't have custody of my daughter. I'm a completely different person now. I've never had success so quickly with another treatment center. I've recommend pretty much everyone I know when looking for a treatment faculty or therapy. I looked at some of these reviews and obviously these people haven't gone to other faculties to Clearly see how much better this one is or they just weren't ready for the help. Anyone that comes here that really has a willingness to change or need help with something in their lives will have a Fighting Chance with Renew." –Brittany Lawrence

I can't say enough positive things about Renew Family Services and Hope Stein. Hope and her staff have gone above and beyond our expectations helping us deal with a family member with substance abuse issues. Addiction affects the entire family. Family members and friends that deal with loved ones struggling need tools to cope and support each other. I have found that Hope helped us address common mistakes that family members make while trying to support someone dealing with addiction. Including the struggles with frustration, anger disappointment, and many other emotions. The professionals at Renew Family services understand this. Providing tips on how the entire family's recovery can be achieved. Basic things like learning about addictions and the effect it has on the brain of our loved one. Hope also provided us with connections to other people dealing with addicted loved ones. Renewal family services is a safe judgment free space for the entire family to learn how to overcome the stigma's associated with addiction and mental disorders. The benefits of these sessions have helped us have a better quality of life, less stress and improved overall health not to mention better relationships with the other family members. I would highly recommend Renew Family Services and Hope Stein to anyone dealing with addiction or addicted loved ones. We are so very grateful for all the help and support we have received." –Vincent & Bettie Smith